OpenStack Swift Browser

SwiftBrowser - A Very simple OpenStack Swift Client.

A simple but effective Java OpenStack Swift Browser.


Written by Pierre Souchay, 2013-14

Soon to come


This program requires a Java Virtual Machine.

Ubuntu/Debian repository

1. Add the repository to the list of repositories: wget -O - - | sudo apt-key add - 2. add the repository to the list of sources by adding this line in your /etc/apt/sources.list : sudo apt-add-repository 'deb stable main' 3. finish the installation : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install swiftbrowser


2015-05-2120140521 (3925)Better message when overriding a local file with more recent changes
2015-05-2020140520 (3924)When downloading a file to a target, if file is different and newer on local side, ask the user what to do
2015-05-1920140519 (3923)When downloading a file to a target, skip the download if local file is the same a remote file (md5 comparison).
Synchronizing huge directories is now fast and reliable !
2015-05-1820140518 (3921)Fixed expiration X-Delete-At when inviting users to upload files, so cleanup is OK.
2015-05-0420140504 (3882)Fixed bug in tempURL that caused wizards to create tempURLs in a too distant future.
2014-08-2820140828 (3857)Fixed regression in 2014-08-27 that broke the feature to add a new account.
Now works when some tenants are disabled.
2014-08-2720140827 (3856)Avoid to block URL list GUI when DNS is not responding.
Allow to use Internal/Public/Forced swift URL from GUI
2014-08-26N/AAdded debian repository.
2014-07-3120140731 (3855)Added about action into main connection window for all non-Mac OS Operating systems
2014-07-3020140730 (3850)Added Automatic Updates detection for new versions (in about window)
Translations typos
2014-07-2920140729 (3847)First debian package (experimental)
Fixed several typos in translation.
Removed debug information
2014-07-2820140728 (3844)Fixed curl syntax now always working with virtual subfolders
Added Swift Features tab in Http Inspector
2014-07-0820140708 (3840)Fix rename files on cloud that was not properly working when in a subfolder
2014-07-0720140707 (3837)Code cleanup and optimizations
added hyperlinks in about section
2014-07-0420140704 (3833)More precise messages in french translation.
Fixed rename feature when renaming files in virtual subfolders.
Added ability to choose a specific encryption key (Key 1 or Key 2) when sharing with other users (so revoking invitations is easier).
Code Size optimization (removed unused classes)
2014-06-3020140630 (3826)Inspector now display nicely when no selection is available. Added remote rename file feature.
2014-06-2320140623 (3825)Added specific User-Agent (by default: SwiftBrowser/{VERSION} ({OS} {OS_ARCH}-{OS_VERSION} ; {LOCALE}) that can be overridden with -DuserAgent=...)
2014-06-1820140618 (3824)Fixed multithreading issues on accounts with multiple tenants
2014-06-1720140617 (3818)French translation typos + display K/M/Gib instead of K/M/Gb where applicable (power of 2 unit instead of power of ten units)
2014-06-1120140611 (3814)Fixed bug when having many X-Account-Temp-Url values that may re-init temp URLs
2014-05-2420140524 (3811)Code refactoring to optimize memory and speed
2014-05-2320140523 (3809)Fixed buggy display of sizes when size bigger than 1G
2014-05-2220140522 (3807)Added Tenant information panel in HTTP Inspector
Now support direct copy when source tenant = destination tenant during drag and drop
GUI Speed improvements
2014-05-1320140513 (3803)Fixed regression that caused view not being refreshed when uploading files from right treeview
2014-05-0620140506 (3802)Drag and Drop fixes. Now refresh automatically when uploading URLs into application.
Less refreshes when uploading several files.
Status bar expands only when downloads take a long time to avoid flickering
Speed improvements for very large listings
2014-05-0520140505 (3796)Memory improvements for large accounts.
Automatic refresh in HTTP Headers view
Do not override user-set header when re-uploading a file
2014-04-2820140428 (3794)Performance improvement for very large containers + Multithreading fixes.
2014-03-1820140318 (3787)ACL Dialog fixes.
Drag and Drop fixes (Drag and drop was not properly dropping files into a leaf directory)
2014-03-1720140317 (3784)Fixed automatic icon installation on Linux for non-English Linux Users.
Fixed quotas and file informations not always property displayed in status bar.
2014-03-1420140314 (3775)Fixed some ACL parsing bugs.
Added ability to override Swift URLs (useful for sharing containers).
2014-03-1220140312 (3774)iOS compatibility for uploading pictures. Added ability to use tenants where only some containers are available. Minor GUI fixes (quotas and information about tenant not properly displayed)
2014-03-0120140301 (3764)Added Shortcut creation for Linux. First stable release.
2014-02-213747Nicer HTTP Headers inspector with ability to set HTTP Headers with completion. Better support of virtual folder. Various fixes.
2014-02-053745Added Save As... feature (work on diretories as well).
Added persistant empty directories structures.
Code refactoring that may improve refresh performance in near future.
2014-01-283739Added ability to set limits to the files your friends can upload in your directory
cleaner error messages when something goes wrong with authentication.
Curl syntax encoding fixes
Window title identifies tenant
You can now use the share with friends feature from a container.
2014-01-243728Added ability to select sharing duration
Fixed Drag and Drop for Mac / Windows
Added DMG installation virtual disk for Mac OS X
2014-01-213726Added full support for analysing Container ACL. Added ability to set new ACLs with human readable names
Container icons now are displayed nicely when containers are public
Unicode fixes
2014-01-153631Inline display of some types when sharing
Sharing files to upload and for download with friends
2014-01-113706Added Mime database to remote files
2014-01-093680First public release : drag and drop. Linux/Mac/Windows versions. English / French versions.